XpertHealth is an international health management collective with a passion for the constant improvement of Health Systems, both personal and corporate. 

Based in China and the Netherlands we are helping over 200.000 people and 30+ international clients to monitor their health and become healthier every day.

First and foremost, we are medical specialists, practicing in the field of performance medicine and preventive care / vitality. In these spaces we cover the complete cycle of health, both physical and mental. We apply our combined knowledge and shared practical experience in corporate health environments experimenting with a myriad of innovative health related products and health improving services to provide you with the best that Digital Health has to offer today.

Derk Rietveld

Orthopedic surgeon, Founder of XpertHealth

In my own practice, I see many different people and cultures. It is a place where real human contact makes the difference in spotting problems early on and connecting with people as a partner in health. 

I work with all heart on making XpertHealth and its products contribute to a renewed, affordable and accessible healthcare system, not only by innovating care, but also by making sure that the human component does not get lost in a time of great technological advancement.  

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In the rapid upscaling of a digital e-Health landscape, we keep a sharp eye on the balance between intelligent digital support and the human aspect of giving care. XpertHealth is the knowledge umbrella for our collective medical expertise and experience in physical and mental health. Connect with us to explore your opportunities in growing your grip on Health.

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