About Xperthealth

XpertHealth is an international health management collective that has created an digital health platform for medical experts, health providers, insurers, companies, and employees. Our goal is to match health professionals with individual and/or corporate health needs and offer new ways to measure and manage individual health cycles to keep improving health and vitality.

Cory.Care system

Our digital health platform Cory.Care is constantly improving the way we measure and monitor health. Connect your health cycle to Cory.Care and start improving your Physical & Mental Health today!

Health Management

Health management encompasses all organizational activity that is specifically put in place to encourage and improve healthy behaviour in the workplace and promote the general wellbeing.

Our ‘Xperts’ help implement health management systems, that supports a healthy outlook on life, boost performance and achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle.

XpertHealth & Partnering

Xperthealth is all about sharing knowledge & expertise to build towards a sustainable healthy lifestyle for all who care to contribute. Are you also working on a digital health product? Consider partnering with Xperthealth to connect with others and grow your impact on global health and preventive care.

How to Join our Community

Share your expertise by filling out our onboarding form. We will Take that information to see how to approach you best.

Once we connect, we can discuss your terms on how you would like to share your expertise & knowledge.  Together we can look at the possibilities of working together.

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News & Events

Blue Tulip Awards

What an amazing line up for the Blue Tulip Awards with companies like Founda and many others! We are looking forward to next Thursday and hope to be selected as a top 20 innovation. Check www.cory.care for more information and

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International partnership

Meeting with WEDOCTOR Exciting meeting founder XpertHealth Derk Rietveld with 孟玲Amelie M.L. Stevens-Chen with dutch background )from WeDoctor (微医集团) Discussed wedoctor platform in China with more than 210 million users, how to get the international knowledge in platform and insurance

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Get access to all our services and products.

Get access to all our services and products.