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XpertHealth is your partner in all your efforts to grow and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Our diverse group of “Xperts” are passionate about their field and always looking for ways to advance the ball.  

Derk Rietveld

Orthopedic surgeon, Founder XpertHealth

The future success of all of these innovations lie in a stronger restructured foundation of the entire medical system. An endeavor not to be made by one company, but by partnering with many care providers around the world.

In my own practice, I see many different people and cultures. It is a place where real human contact makes the difference in spotting problems early on and connecting with people as a partner in health. We should never forget that access to care & medicine is a basic human right characterised by the impact of feeling sick, working to get healthy and the personal contact of those who CARE… all HUMAN.

Digital Xpert (NL)

Our Global Xperts

Family Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Prevention and Psychosomatic basic care.
Experience: 20 years Natrionality: German Languages: German, English

Bio: Dr. Muehlberger is a family doctor with 8 years experience treating all ages from infant to elderly.

Dr. Med Katharina Muehlberger

Specialties: familiy medicine

Experience: 5 years
Nationality: Chinese
Languages: English, Mandarin, Taiwanese

Bio: Dr. Chang is familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of common medical and surgical, emergency, pediatric, gynecology and other acute and chronic diseases. He is especially interested in the prevention and treatment of cadiovascular diseases in elderly.

Dr. Bruce Chang

Emergency and cardiovascular diseases

Specialities: Family medicine, Otolaryngology, Travel medicine, Public health
Experience: 18 years
Nationality: Austrian
Languages: German, English

Bio: Dr. Necek is a licenced family physician and an ear-, nose- and throat specialist from Austria with 18 years of clinical experience. She has been working in Austria and Gabon and since 2012 in China. She holds a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Liverpool. Her special interest is in preventive care and travel/tropical medicine.

Dr. Magdalena Necek

Family medicine, Otolaryngology, Travel medicine

Specialities: Emergency Medicine, Sports & Exercise Medicine
Experience: 20 years
Nationality: British
Languages: English
Bio: Dr. Cantonsmith has over 19 years of clinical experience. She has worked in the Shanghai United Family Hospital from 2017 until 2020. She has worked with patients in the Emergency Department and as the Training Programme Director responsible foor teaching EM to Chinese doctors to achieve equivalent standards to UK/US fully qualified Attending Physicians.

Dr. Betty Cantonsmith

Emergency Medicine, Sports & Exercise Medicine

Experience: 25 years Nationality: Dutch Languages: English, Dutch Bio: Dr. Caffa started his carreer in the early eighties as a nurse anesthesist, followed by medical school, after which he was trained as a general surgeon with a special interest in trauma surgery. He practiced in the Netherlands. In 2017 he added family medicine and occupational medicine and also educated medical students in clinical skills at the University of Groningen. He was an Advanced Trauma Life Support trainer for many years.

Dr. Max Caffa

General Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Family Medicine and Occupational Medicine

Experience: 23 years Nationality: American Languages: English, Mandarin Bio: Dr. Hu is a licensed clinical psychologist and experienced enterprise director in global healthcare. Clinical specialties include individual and couples therapy, neuropsychological assessment, and child/adolescent psychotherapy and development. Proven leader in developing culturally competent mental health programs and services internationally.

Dr. George Hu

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Post Traumatic Stress Therapy, Complex Trauma & Treatment, Neuropsychological Assessment, International Psychology

Bio: Because of his specialization in sports psychotherapy, he has extensive experience in musculoskeletal injuries, Prevention-Treatment-Maintaining approach, including spine and extremity joints, such as shoulder, knee, hip, ankle etc.. He works closely with orthopedic surgeons to help with a variety of types of post-op rehab, such as ACL, RC reconstruction, meniscus repair etc.. Ozgur has accumulated extensive eperience with community, provincial and national sporting teams and events. He worked with Super League Football Teams, League A Basketball and Volleyball Teams in Turkey

Dr. Ozgur Surenkok

Sports Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT), Integrative Dry Needling (IDN), Cyriax Spine Care and American certified Running Analyst

Experience: 7 years
Nationality: Chinese
Languages: English, Mandarin
Bio: Dr. An is experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of disorders in people of all ages and all stages of life. Dr. An is good at communication, as she believes a good doctor-patient relationship is the key to maintain health. She is especially interested in Emergency Care, as wel as sports medicine

Dr. Sherry An

Family medicine, emergency care, Sports Medicine

Bio: Ans has a private practice in Shanghai since 2011, where she helps clients to cope with all sorts of life problems, changes, relationship problems, goal setting and stress management. Before becoming a coach, she had about 20+ years of experience in HR, recruitment and career counselling. She has been in Shanghai for more than 10 years and is a certified NOBCO / EMCC Practitioner Coach. Besides her own practice Ans is a Consultant for NetExpat, the worldwide leader in Career & Life Transition programs for relocating families. She is also a volunteer with Lifeline China.

Ans Hooft

Life Coach, Stress Counsellor, Job coach

Bio: Born and raised in California, Cory Arth, DPT, CSCS, XPS is an APTA American Board-Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy. He is a graduate from the University of California, San Francisco Physical Therapy Program and received his Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Cory has worked in team sport settings around the world including China, Qatar and Brazil. He also worked with athletes participating in the Olympics, NBA, MLB NFL, and additional professional leagues and competitions globally.

Dr. Cory Arth

Sports Medicine, Injury Prevention, Post-operative rehabilitation, Movement-based Performance, Emergency Medical Responder (AHA)

Experience: 5 years
Nationality: Dutch
Languages: English, Dutch
Bio: Ana has a passion for health and nutrition. With a bachelor and master’s degree in nutrition from Maastricht University, she has developed her career around helping people to achieve their health goals. Ana is frequently asked to be a keynote speaker at health education seminars and events. Previously Ana has spoken on topics such as weight loss, food safety, global health and much more.

Ana Tera

Nutrition Consultant, Weight Management, Digestive Health, Performance Nutrition

Experience: 6 years
Nationality: Americanbr> Languages: English, Mandarinbr> Bio: Dr. Nathan Triaks is an American APTA, American Board-Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy. While working for the Chinese Rowing Association, Nathan was the team doctor for the national team. In 2019, the rowing team earned China’s first Gold Medal in the Men’s Open Double and qualified two boats to the Tokyo Olympics 2020. He performed research on the effects of Blood Flow Restriction on men and women during Cycling.

Dr. Nathan Tiarks

Sports Medicine, Injury Prevention, Post-operative rehabilitation, Movement Analysis, Neck and Back Pain.

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Annemieke Deiman

Sleep expert , Psychologist, Trainer

”To create synergies between the factors that influence health and to preserve and promote them – this is my daily motivation.“

Madeleine Baurhenne

Health Xpert

Our team

Nothing is more important than our own health. Our company’s philosophy is that everybody should have access to primary healthcare and preventative solutions at any moment of the day. Focus right now it too much on curing and we need a hard switch more to prevention.

Tim Wolbrink

Business Development – Netherlands

XpertHealth is a health consultancy company with an innovative International eHealth platform for health providers, companies (B2B), and consumers (B2C). Independent medical advisor, involved in international medical services, data science, corporate health, and innovative health-related products and services. XpertHealth is a contemporary thinking, innovative health company with a strong culture and vision. We connect globally through digital solutions.

Birgit Holla-Smit

Managing direcor – China

With a focus on prevention, we want our users to become more aware of their health and lifestyle and show them how to create a positive impact through small but meaningful change where it is most effective. Creating a personalised experience through data science, working with Xperts in the field and personal interaction.

Thom van Boheemen

UX Design team

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