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XpertHealth is a team of Sports Performance Specialists who are dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals for corporate and/or individual success. We have professional athletes, youth athletes and everyday people have access to a wide variety of state–of–the–art health care services and performance testing including but not limited to VO2 Max Testing, Smart Speed Training, various Sport & Medical Health screenings and nutritional consultation. XpertHealth has created an integrated, and athlete-focused approach to assessing and monitoring athletic performance and in treating and injury prevention.


Position: Athletic Trainer  


Start Date: October 2017


Ø CSCS, ACSM, or NASM preferred but not required

Ø Degree in AT or related field required

Ø Minimum of two years experience (China Visa Policy Requirement)

Ø CPR and First Aid certification required

Ø BOC Certification required

Ø Outgoing personality

Ø Understanding of proper biomechanics

Ø Open minded and flexible to working with international staff

Ø Willing and enthusiastic to assist with increasing the knowledge of what an Athletic Trainer is throughout Asia

Ø Ability to adapt to new environments and cultures

Ø Previous experience traveling abroad or previous travel or living experience living in China is recommended but not required

Job Description: 

Ø Injury prevention and management for athletic injuries

Ø Promote safe participation in sports, including implementing injury prevention programs

Ø Knowledge of legal requirements and rules of the athletic events

Ø Daily medical coverage, injury evaluations/management for partner International schools

Ø Coordinate pre-participation physical exams conducted on-site

Ø Implement concussion protocol and emergency action plans

Ø Liaisons to assigned team physicians for each school

Ø Injury assessments and recommendations for follow-up care

Ø Education and instruction for students/coaches/community sports organizations

Ø Promote safe participation in sports, including implementing injury prevention programs

Ø Student education in sports medicine career paths

Ø Sport–specific instruction and development of preseason, in–season and off–season conditioning for athletes

Ø Athlete Injury Clinic for athletes student education

Ø First-aid treatments and organization/implementation of emergency protocols international schools

Ø Medical coverage available for community sporting events upon request

Ø Possibilities of working with partner international hospital in the Rehab Department and as an Ortho Extender

Ø Joint events and workshops with partner organizations  

Ø Accepts additional responsibilities and duties as assigned


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