Large organisations need help in the shift on spending funds on insurance. Changing the risk perspective from treating complaints and sickness to pro-active interventions focussing on prevention and healthier living.

Your company can benefit from a shift of focus to preventive care & vitality by introducing employees to flexible benefits, changing the existing insurance paradigm to a healthcare system spending resource on wellness and prevention instead of cleaning up the mess.


Improving productivity & performance
Improvement of the quality of your working environment
Reduction of absenteeism
A better employee experience leads to improved health
Higher employee engagement
Avoid / reduce chronic conditions & their complications

Cultivating a Healthy workforce

XpertHealth helps you to design and implement a digital health management system. By monitoring the vitality of your workforce using our digital platform you empower employees to work with purpose and focus, while at the same time cutting back on corporate health costs. Avoiding burnouts and other stress related illnesses.

A secure and discrete DASHBOARD enables the HR department to intelligently implement incentives or interventions to keep developing a happy and healthy workforce.The combination of safe & secure monitoring with daily contact moments reinforces a strong employee willingness to stay active. Our platform connects to all major fitness/vitality tracking software, helping you to set and reach your company health goals.


PREVENTION is better then the cure

Prevention is cheaper than treatment.

XpertHealth is one of the first health management companies in China and Europe to partner with insurance companies to realize a business model shift to health prevention that is funded by the insurer.  Ultimately a focus on prevention decreases the need to claim insurance.

The Xperts of XpertHealth are the leading professionals in an internationally growing focus on preventive health programs and digital healthcare provision. Because of our background in providing clinical care we have a good grasp of the entire spectrum of personal health. Offline in our clinics and online using our intelligent platform.

The entangled relationships of present day health providers, care professionals and insurance companies is difficult to navigate for companies not equipped with a system that is ready for constant changes of the digital e-health markets.
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