Medical Outreach Support Services

XpertHealth’s most effective services are those in the community. XpertHealth provides opportunities for partnerships with international schools, clinics, sports clubs, gyms, and professional teams by placing a specialist on-site.
Our Physio-Xperts are available to provide emergency coverage for all levels of sporting events, injury workshops at gyms and training facilities, on-site sports testing, and other service partnerships.
Our partnerships provide you a medical professional and premier services for your community at the location of your choice. We are flexible with our services and offer the most convenient options for our clients and partners.
XpertHealth offers a complete approach to healthcare, incorporating a full team of healthcare professionals to manage your health and safety.
Our Certified Physio-Xperts provide the following services:
  • Injury evaluation and management
  • Daily medical coverage for our partner schools
  • On-call service for our partner schools
  • Annual athletic physicals
  • Liaisons to assigned team physicians for each school
  • Free injury assessment and recommendation for follow-up care
  • Community Educational Programming
  • Education seminars
  • Student education in Sports Medicine careers
  • Special event coverage

Some of our Partnerships

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