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Our Physio-Xperts are Western-trained in rehabilitation techniques and can help you prevent and recover from injury or surgery. If needed, we will keep in contact with your physician about your condition as well as any specific goals your physician would like to see accomplished prior to your next visit.

You will receive a full evaluation from our Physio-Xpert that includes health & injury history, functional assessment, injury-specific testing, and goal setting. A rehabilitation program will then be developed specifically for you and your goals based on the evaluation. The rehabilitation program can include flexibility, strengthening, therapeutic modalities, mobility, and activity specific exercises. You will also be provided with a home-exercise program that will compliment your injury rehabilitation.

Physio-Xperts can also perform injury screening and assessments as well as injury prevention and corrective exercise programs.

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Exclusive equipment our Physio-Xperts have access to:

Compex Treatment Unit

StatUS Unit (Static Ultrasound)

Shockwave Treatment

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