Medical Services Packages

XpertHealth knows how valuable your time is to you.  With our different packages to choose from, you can be in charge of your health, or have access to a Personal Assistant who will help with appointment management on your behalf.  Please contact us so that we may find the best way to accommodate your requests for medical services for a team or a group, or if you have any personal goals that may not be listed.

Acute Care Package

Orthopedic Physician Visit

Personal Assistant

Triage Care

Diagnostic Testing

AQI Package

Orthopedic Physician Visit

Personal Assistant

Athletic Training Session

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

6-Month TechnoGym Tracking

TechnoGym Equipment- Buy or Rent

VO2Max Testing & 12 Week Program

Achilles Package

Orthopedic Physician Visit

Stretching Program

Shockwave Therapy

Orthopedic Massage

6-Week Physiotherapy Program