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Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing

At XpertHealth we can ensure that you have access to MRI, CT Scan, and X-Ray diagnostic testing for your injury. Ask us about our available Medical and Sports Health packages and how XpertHealth can help you manage your injury or nagging pain.


X-Ray Imaging

An X-Ray is a quick, simple image that is performed to help your physician rule out injuries such as fractures or dislocations.  X-Rays can also be used to see how a bone is healing following an injury or to see the spacing of your joints.  X-Rays only take minutes to complete.

CT Scan

A CT Scan is a relatively quick imaging test that is performed in order to see more details of an injured body part.  CT Scans can allow your physician to see not only bony structures, but also soft tissue such as muscle, tendons, and ligaments. The images from the test can be reviewed by our physicians shortly after completion.

MRI Scan

An MRI uses strong magnetic fields to create several pictures of the injured body part. An MRI provides a detailed view of muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and joints that are surrounding the injury.  These detailed views can help identify soft tissue damage and provide information on how an injury is healing.