Lung Screeningchest-x-ray2

Have you ever wondered how healthy your lungs are?  Do you know your risk factors for respiratory disease and ailments?  Have you ever found yourself short of breath or easily tired following everyday activity?  Lung Screening can provide you with more information on how healthy and efficient your respiratory system is working.

Included with XpertHealth’s Lung Screening is:

  • Complete Health History to help identify risk factors such as tobacco use, family history, physical activity level, and past respiratory issues
  • Body Analysis to identify high or low blood pressure, hear rate, lung sounds, Body Mass Index
  • Pulse Oximetry to identify the amount of oxygen saturation in the blood.  This is performed with a device that is placed on the index finger.
  • CT Scan can non-invasively view the structure of the lungs and chest.  The CT Scan can help identify structural abnormalities that may exist.
  • Spirometry Test measures how much air your lungs inhale, how much air you exhale, and how fast you exhale air.  Spirometry testing can help identify conditions such as asthma.
  • Gas Diffusion Tests measure how well the lungs exchange gases.  A mask is worn with a specialized measuring device attached to it to measure the components of your breath (oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases) as you inhale and exhale.
  • Exercise Stress Test (VO2max Testing) provides information on how well your heart and lungs work together during activity.  The test utilizes a stationary bike, heart rate monitor, and a mask that measures the components of your breath.
  • Advisement our Xpert will provide you with advice on what the results mean, lifestyle changes, fitness program focus, and how to decrease your risk factors.