Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Advanced Training Programs

Advanced Training Programs are used to help prevent you from plateauing in your current training, get you started on a weight loss journey, or to help provide an all around training program based upon your needs.

We will examine your current fitness and training status and based on your goals we will help create a new training plan for you.  We may recommend that you participate in VO2max testing or SmartSpeed testing to obtain baseline results in cardiopulmonary function and speed.

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Everyone!  Anyone from an athlete to an office worker to a factory worker can benefit from injury prevention.  You can help decrease your chance of developing muscle fatigue, improve posture, lengthen muscles, strengthen overused muscles, and make you feel better while at work or play.

Our Xperts will talk with you about your current complaint prior to conducting a movement and posture assessment.  Based on your complaint and the assessments they will create a program that will overcome your weaknesses, help with movement, increase flexibility, and improve posture.

Orthopedic & Sports Massage Therapy

Orthopedic Massage Therapy may be a component of your physician’s treatment plan following an injury.  Sports Massage Therapy is designed to help prepare the body for a sporting event or help return the body to normal following a sporting event.

No.  The massage therapy offered at XpertHealth is designed to support the body for a sporting event or to compliment a medical treatment plan

Generally anyone can receive massage.  However those with the following may not:

  • Active Infection
  • Systemic Illness (cold, flu)
  • Cancer
  • Fractures
  • Circulatory Issues (DVP, Blood clots, etc.)
  • Cardiovascular Conditions (must be cleared with physician and practitioner)
  • Open wounds
  • Active Inflammation (ex. Rheumatoid arthritis, gout)
  • Undiagnosed pain

Not necessarily.  Depending on the condition and the location in the body, you may be able to receive massage.  These conditions will need to be discussed with your physician and with our Xpert Manual Therapist

Everyone is different and every treatment plan is customized.  For  orthopedic massage the number of sessions will be determined by your injury, rehabilitation, and physician’s orders.  For Sports Massage the number of sessions is dependent upon your goals.


Yes.  Packages can be customized to fit your needs.  There may be some difference in the cost for this option.

Yes.  We can custom design packages for any group or team based on the size and demands.

Partnership Services

We can provide many different partnerships.  We can provide out-reach Athletic Training services for schools or teams for a single event or full season.  We can also provide Athletic Trainers for orthopedic and Sports Medicine physicians who wish to have an addition set of hands to assist with functional return-to-activity guidelines, triage, and patient follow-ups.  Our Athletic Trainers are trained rehabilitation and injury prevention professionals and can assist in Physical Therapy clinics as well.

You can partner with XpertHealth for sports performance training and testing for your club sports, training group, or athletic team.  We also offer access to Smartabase for coaches and trainers who wish to track their athletes’ progress paperlessly.

XpertHealth can also provide educational opportunities for the community, athletes, parents, coaches, and administration on various topics.

Our Manual Therapist is also available for outreach services for athletic teams and competitions to provide sports massage.

We welcome partnerships for clubs, universities, international schools, professional teams, and for special events.

XpertHealth also partners with companies to help provide our clients with access to new technology and equipment that we feel may benefit them.

Cost for providing outreach Athletic Training services will vary depending upon the demand, length of contract, hours of service requested, and types of service requested.

XpertHealth can provide presentations that relate to:

  • Nutrition
  • Training programs
  • Sports performance testing
  • Injury prevention
  • Concussions and Head Injuries
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Emergency Management of athletics
  • Sports Medicine Programs
  • Advanced Treatments

And much more!

SmartSpeed Testing & Training

The SmartSpeed System can be used for any individual or team interested in finding out their speed and time for splits.  The system can also be used to train speed, agility, and reactive times.

Dependent upon your goals one or both may be appropriate.  For those would like to know how fast they can run or cycle a certain distance, testing is recommended.  For those interested in increasing their speed, agility level, or reaction time training is recommended.

Testing can be done throughout your training cycle.  Generally testing is performed prior to the start of a training season (pre-season testing), mid-way through pre-season, prior to the end of pre-season and the beginning of competitive season.  Testing can be altered to fit your training and competition schedule to help you measure your improvement.


We will track your training progress through the Technogym app.  You will send us the information that is stored on the app at regular intervals so that an Xpert may modify your training program as needed.

VO2max Testing

You may not be able to participate in testing.  If you do have a heart problem we ask that you provide documentation from your physician allowing for the test.  Our physician will have the final approval.

The test itself is only 13-15 minutes in length.  The entire testing session will be between 45-60 minutes.

Tests are being held at two different locations in Shanghai; the Naked Hub and the Clinic.  In Guangzhou testing is held at the EurAm Clinic.

Athletes who are interested in finding out how they can decrease their timing for a race; anyone interested in finding out their training potential; those interested in weight loss; those interested in how efficient their body works during a training session.  The test can also be taken to determine underlying respiratory or cardiovascular conditions as well.

The VO2max test can be utilized as a diagnostic tool in medicine or it can be used as a sports test to measure one’s training capacity.

Your results will be provided immediately following your cool-down from the test.  Our Xpert will discuss them with you and then provide a training outline.

The results are in English.  However, if you need additional languages we will be happy to provide that if possible.

With the test results you can see how efficient your body utilizes oxygen and its fuel sources.  The test results can show areas where you may be able to improve as well as how best to train.  You can also compare old test results to each new test you participate in.

Yes.  We will not share your test results with anyone or any of your personal information.  If you would like to share your test results with your physician or other individual you may do so.

The test is for any type of sport.

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